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Invalid Parameter {{{1}}}

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This template is designed to make it easier to reply to requests for bot assistance at WP:BOTREQ and help users see at a glance whether a request has been successful, needs clarification, cannot be done for technical reasons, etc. It generates a comment with a corresponding image depending on the parameter used. Only one parameter should be used with each call of the template!


Output Code Usage
Doing... {{BOTREQ|doing}} Request accepted and is currently being processed
Still doing... {{BOTREQ|stilldoing}} Large requests, to let the requester know that you are still working on it or that it is taking longer than expected
Coding... {{BOTREQ|coding}} Bot is currently being coded/updated for the request
Y Done {{BOTREQ|done}} Request complete
Possible Possible {{BOTREQ|possible}} Request able to be done by a bot, but it may require new code to be written or more investigation
N Not done {{BOTREQ|notdone}} Request not completed.
Impossible {{BOTREQ|impossible}} Request cannot be done by a bot (e.g. too complex, such as sourcing articles, or technically unfeasible)
Declined Not a good task for a bot. {{BOTREQ|badidea}} Request possible but is not a good idea (e.g. a bureaucrat-bot to process renames) or the request requires human judgement
Idea is not well explained. {{BOTREQ|confusing}} Request is hard to understand or unclear; requester needs to elaborate for it to be possible
Deferred {{BOTREQ|defer}} Request should be/has been deferred to another venue (e.g. to a WikiProject for tagging requests)
BRFA filed {{BOTREQ|brfa}} Request for bot approval filed with regard to this request. If you use the bot name (and task number, if applicable) as a second parameter, the template will provide a link to the specific BRFA page. (e.g. {{BOTREQ|brfa|BattyBot 33}} generates BRFA filed)
Redundant {{BOTREQ|redundant}} Request is already covered by a bot(s) satisfactorily, another bot doing the same task would not be useful.
Needs wider discussion. {{BOTREQ|advertise}} The request is likely to be controversial, and should be advertised for wider discussion.