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This external link template can be used to cite a specific geographic feature name from the GEOnet Names Server (GNS), published by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).


Parameter Notes
{{cite gns
| id = 
| name = 
Alphanumeric value described below
"Name (Reading Order)" from search results
  • The fields |id= and |name= must be specified.
  • The template accepts all parameters accepted by {{cite web}}, e.g., |access-date=.
  • Some parameters are aliases for {{cite web}} parameters. Either can be used:
    • |name=|title=
    • |entry-date=|date=

Finding the ID

A search engine can be found here. Select a country name to reduce the number of matches. Finding the required id is browser specific.[1]

  • Chrome – Left click on the name then right click anywhere on pop-up. Select "Open frame in new tap". A URL without a protocol will be displayed in the Omnibox at the top of the screen.
  • Firefox – While pressing the control key, left click on the name. A new tab will be created with a JavaScript function in the URL box.
  • Internet Explorer – Right click on the name and select "Properties". A Javascript function, identified as the URL, will be displayed in the pop-up.
  • Opera – Right click on the name and select "Open in New Tab". A new tab will be created with A Javascript function in the URL box.
  • Safari – Right click on the name and select "Copy Link". Paste location into a text box (right click and select Paste).

The Javascript or URL for Mount Logan contain the string "('32FA8842BEDB3774E0440003BA962ED3', 'DC')" the id is the alphanumeric value between the single quotes. For example, the id for Mount Logan is 32FA8842BEDB3774E0440003BA962ED3.


  1. These instructions were valid, using the latest browser version, at the time this documentation was written. Tests were only done using the Windows versions. If you have a problem leave a note on the discussion page or try the Help desk.


with named parameters

{{cite gns |id=32FA8842BEDB3774E0440003BA962ED3 |name=Mount Logan}}Mount Logan.

with unnamed parameters

{{cite gns |32FA8842BEDB3774E0440003BA962ED3 |Mount Logan |2011-05-22}}Mount Logan.


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