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လုၵ်ႉတီႈ ဝီႇၶီႇၽီးတီးယႃး ဢၼ်လွတ်ႈလႅဝ်းထၢင်ႇႁၢင်ႈ ၼၼ်ႉမႃး
Documentation icon ၽိုၼ်ၵႅမ်မိုဝ်းထႅမ်းပလဵတ်ႉ

This template is used to tag the talk pages of articles that mention periodicals, but do not include these periodicals' International Standard Serial Numbers. ISSNs are frequently useful because they make it easier to locate the sources and, in citations, verify their credibility. However, specifying ISSNs is not strictly required at all times, and may be unnecessary for well-known publications.

This template adds pages to Category:ISSN needed.