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ထႅမ်းပလဵတ်ႉ:Incomplete list

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{{Incomplete list|date=ၸုၼ်ႇ 2024}}

Place this template tag in an article, immediately before any incomplete list. Wikipedia is not a directory, nor an indiscriminate collection of information; lists should have a clearly defined purpose and inclusion criteria. As such, an incomplete list is any well-defined list which is missing obvious entries.

This template categorizes pages into Category:Incomplete lists.

Other, more specific versions of this template can be used, either by typing {{Incomplete list|<scope>|date=ၸုၼ်ႇ 2024}} (replacing 'scope' with one of valid parameters listed in the TemplateData section) or by using one of the wrapper templates listed below.


A template identifying a list as incomplete

Template parameters[ၸတ်းၵၢၼ် ၶေႃႈမုၼ်းထႅမ်းပလဵၵ်ႉ]

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.


The topic the incomplete list is within. To display the default message, omit this parameter.

Suggested values
film literature music personnel sportresults science sport transport television videogames video
Month and yeardate

The month and year that the template was placed (in full). "{{subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{subst:CURRENTYEAR}}" inserts the current month and year automatically.

January 2013
Auto value

Wrapper templates[မႄးထတ်းငဝ်ႈငႃႇ]

The following wrapper templates can be used to identify a list with a specific topic and categorise the article into a corresponding more specific subcategory of Category:Incomplete lists. These templates call the incomplete list template itself with a specific parameter; it is your choice whether you use one of the wrapper templates or the incomplete list template itself with the first unnamed parameter set to one of the possible options listed in the TemplateData section (above). Please use the most relevant template, and do not add more than one unless the subject is significantly within two template topics.

  • {{Inc-film}}, for incomplete film-related lists
  • {{Inc-lit}}, for incomplete literature-related lists
  • {{Inc-musong}}, for incomplete music-related lists
  • {{Inc-personnel}}, for an incomplete list of personnel in a musical group
  • {{Inc-sport}}, for incomplete sports-related lists
    • {{Inc-results}}, for incomplete lists of sports results or fixtures
  • {{Inc-science}}, for incomplete science-related lists
  • {{Inc-transport}}, for incomplete transportation-related lists
  • {{Inc-tv}}, for incomplete television-related lists
  • {{Inc-vg}}, for incomplete video-game-related lists

Other templates for lists[မႄးထတ်းငဝ်ႈငႃႇ]

  • {{Inc-up}}, for a list that is frequently updated
  • {{Dynamic list}}, for lists that may never be able to satisfy certain standards for completion
  • {{Dynamic a-list}}, for articles that contain lists that may never be able to satisfy certain standards for completion
  • {{Complete list}}, for lists that are complete as of a specified date

Other templates may be available under Category:Hatnote templates for lists. Please update this documentation page if a new, relevant template has been authored.