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The mset template wraps its argument or arguments in curly brackets. If two arguments are supplied, a pipe mark is placed between them. These are used to delimit a set.

The template is designed for use inside the {{math}} template. It clarifies the template's output and avoids a need to use the magic word {{!}} or the character-substituting templates {{(}} and {{)}}.


Use this template to wrap an expression. For example,

{{math |1={{mset|0 .. 9}} = {{mset|''n'' | 0 ≤ ''n'' ≤ 9}}}}


{0 .. 9} = {n | 0 ≤ n ≤ 9}


  • {{math}}, which formats its argument as mathematics.
  • the "magic word" {{!}}.
  • {{abs}}
  • {{norm}}
  • {{braces}}