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ထႅမ်းပလဵတ်ႉ:R from ISO 4 abbreviation

လုၵ်ႉတီႈ ဝီႇၶီႇၽီးတီးယႃး ဢၼ်လွတ်ႈလႅဝ်းထၢင်ႇႁၢင်ႈ ၼၼ်ႉမႃး

When used with the "Redirect category shell" (Rcat shell) template:

Template {{Redirect category shell}} may be used to add one or more rcat templates, along with their parameters and categories, to a redirect. For more information see the documentation page below.

When used by itself:

  • From an ISO 4 abbreviation: ၼႃႈလိၵ်ႈဢၼ်ၼႆႉ an ISO 4 publication title abbreviationthe unabbreviated publication title, or an article containing information about the publication ပဵၼ်ဢၼ်ၶိုၼ်းဢိင်ၸီႉ ဢၼ်ၼိုင်ႈယဝ်ႉ။
    • In cases of an ISO 4 abbreviation with partially missing dots, or dots used inappropriately, please use {{R from misspelling}}.
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Proper ISO 4 usage[မႄးထတ်းငဝ်ႈငႃႇ]

{{Infobox journal}} now features ISO 4 redirect detection to help with the creation and maintenance of these redirects, and will populate Category:Articles with missing ISO 4 abbreviation redirects. ISO 4 redirects help readers find journal articles based on their official ISO abbreviations (e.g. J. Phys. AJournal of Physics A), and also help with compilations like WP:JCW and WP:JCW/TAR. ပိူင်ထၢၼ်ႈ:Articles with missing ISO 4 abbreviation redirects

Template usage[မႄးထတ်းငဝ်ႈငႃႇ]

Use this rcat template on mainspace redirects only.
#REDIRECT [[(target article title)]]

{{Rcat shell|
{{R from ISO 4 abbreviation}}
{{R printworthy}}
Template {{Rcat shell}} is an alias for the Redirect category shell template, which may be used to add as many appropriate rcats as needed, usually from one to seven, along with their parameters, to a redirect. For more information see the documentation on its template page. This rcat may also tag a redirect individually:
#REDIRECT [[(target article title)]]

{{R from ISO 4 abbreviation}}
This is in accord with instructions found at Wikipedia:REDCAT.