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The purpose of the {{Disregard}} template is to give a visual hint to readers of talk page discussions to ignore an issue or topic that is no longer relevant or applicable. It is hoped that the existence of this tag will make it easier for the reader to pass over these topics or to understand that a response is no longer required or requested.

This template is designed to be used mostly by the author whose topic is no longer relevant and whose topic has not been responded to (or which has met with suggestions to close the thread). Tagging is not final and does not close a discussion. If the topic becomes relevant, requires a response, or the topic again becomes active, please remove the tag. The tag should be used as an alternative to leaving the topic open or to removing the topic entirely; the topic can then be archived as having been made, but a response was eventually not required by the author.

{{disregard}} can also be used by others to flag patent nonsense posts, though these are often best WP:REFACTORed out of the page or manually closed/archived using one of the closure templates mentioned below.


Place the following under the topic heading on a talk page:


To make an additional comment explaining why the issue should be disregarded and/or to sign so that others know who marked the topic to be disregarded:
{{Disregard|1=The questionable edits were reverted according to consensus. ~~~~}}

Disregard – The questionable edits were reverted according to consensus. – Example User 12:34, 22 ၸုၼ်ႇ 2024 (UTC)

This parameter must be given as |1= or |reason= if any of its content contains the = character (which is common in signatures).

The title ("Disregard") can be changed to alternative wording with |title=, e.g. {{Disregard}}. Some wrapper templates already exist to provide some stock alternative of this sort, e.g. {{Moot}} and {{Off-topic thread}}.

It is not necessary to include your signature (~~~~) when stating incontrovertible facts, such as that a proposal was rescinded later in the thread, etc., or when it is obvious from the content or context who placed the template. Signing when not necessary is pointless clutter, and defeats the purpose of the template as a simple and easy-to-scan label. Do include your sig at the end of a |1= comment if the "Disregard" label could be controversial (in which case anyone is free to remove it entirely) or attribution is otherwise actually needed, e.g. because of subjective content in the comment. Any editor may add attribution from page history if they think it is important (or remove it where it seems like a useless distraction).

If the discussion should be firmly closed, e.g. because it is disruptive or is patent nonsense, see {{discussion top}}, {{archive top}}, or {{hat}} as appropriate. Templates can be combined, e.g. {{Discussion top|result={{Disregard|reason=See [[WP:DONTFEED]]. ~~~~ }} }} ... {{discussion bottom}}


References are in column format

Disregard – Example User 00:28, 28 June 2010 (UTC)

The {{columns-list}} template was recently added to the References section with the edit summary explanation being that the columns will now work in Internet Explorer. However, the section is now forced into columns for all browsers and is no longer optional. The template should be removed. Example User 00:26, 28 June 2010 (UTC)

Edit was reverted by someone else in accordance with a consensus reached several months ago. Example User 00:28, 28 June 2010 (UTC)