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ထႅမ်းပလဵတ်ႉ:Should be SVG

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This template is for dealing with images that need to be converted to SVG format. It is used both on image pages, and on the category pages that list the images to be converted.



ၼႃႈလိၵ်ႈ ၶႅပ်းႁၢင်ႈ


By default, images bearing this template are automatically added to Category:Other images that should be in SVG format, a subcategory of Category:Images that should be in SVG format, in Category:Image files for cleanup. A parameter may be used to place the image in a more specific category. For example, {{Should be SVG|flag}} will put the tagged image into Category:Flag images that should be in SVG format. The following parameter values are acceptable:

Parameter value Used for... Category #
alphabet character images, font examples, etc. category 0
chemical chemical diagrams, etc. category 0
circuit electronic circuit diagrams, etc. category 0
coat of arms coats of arms category 0
diagram diagrams that do not fit any other subcategory category 0
emblem emblems, free/libre logos, insignias, etc. category 0
fair use fair-use images, fair-use logos category 0
flag flags category 0
graph visual plots of data category 0
logo logos category 0
map maps category 0
music musical scales, notes, etc. category 0
physical "realistic" images of physical objects, people, etc. category 0
symbol miscellaneous symbols, icons, etc. category 0
other any other value for the parameter defaults to "other" category 0

Please propose new parameters on the talk page before using them.

In addition, the separate |url= parameter can be used to add an URL to existing vector data that may help in obtaining an SVG file. This can be an image in a different vector format (e.g. PDF, PS, EPS, AI, or CDR) but also a similar SVG that already contains parts of the image that needs to be converted. If this parameter is specified, the image will be automatically added to:

Category:Images that should be in SVG format (vector data available) (currently contains 0 files)

For example, {{Should be SVG|2=flag|3=url=http://elbonian-embassy.org/flag.svg}} would add a link to the appropriate URL in the template box as well as adding the image to the maintenance category.

ၼႃႈလိၵ်ႈ ပိူင်ထၢၼ်ႈ


On category pages, the first parameter acts as a sorting label. For instance, {{Should be SVG|flag}} would add the category page as a subcategory of Category:Images that should be in SVG format and sort it alphabetically using the word "flag". There is an optional |subof= parameter which can be used to list the category page as a subcategory of a different page. {{Should be SVG|flag|subof=flag}} would add the page as a subpage of Category:Flag images that should be in SVG format, and sort it alphabetically by the word "flag".