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လုၵ်ႉတီႈ ဝီႇၶီႇၽီးတီးယႃး ဢၼ်လွတ်ႈလႅဝ်းထၢင်ႇႁၢင်ႈ ၼၼ်ႉမႃး

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ယႃႇပေဢဝ်လေႃးၵၼ် Template:Smile
ဢဝ် "Template:-)" ၼႆႉ ပိၼ်ႇၸီႉၸူး တီႈၼႆႈ။ တွၼ်ႈတႃႇ the formatting template ၼၼ်ႉ တူၺ်းတီႈ Template:Space+parenthesis ၼၼ်ႉလႄႈ။


Different smilies can be made using parameters. For instance, {{Smiley|sad}} produces . The default (no parameter) is a simple smile.

The size of the smiley can be changed using the |size= parameter. For example, {{Smiley|size=15px}} produces , which is a little smaller than the default. If |size= is not specified, the default size is 18px.

The default title text, shown as a tooltop when hovering over the smiley, can be changed using |title=. For example {{Smiley|title=I'm happy}} produces . This parameter will be over-written if an invalid size parameter is specified.

The full list of smilies is as follows. Some are duplicates — for instance, the value 10 or any of the words cry, crying, or tears will produce .

Smiley Code Redirects Image
1 smile :) :-) {{(-:}}, {{(:}}, {{-)}}, {{=)}} Face-smile.svg
2 frown sad :( :-( {{):}}, {{=(}}, {{frown}} Face-sad.svg
3 wink ;) ;-) {{wink}}, {{;)}} Face-wink.svg
4 blush :$ :-$ {{blush}} Face-blush.svg
5 grin :D :-D {{=D}} Face-grin.svg
6 surprise :O :-O {{O:}} Face-surprise.svg
7 tongue :P :-P {{=P}} Face-tongue.svg
8 confused %) %-) {{=S}} Face-confused.svg
9 shades shade 8) 8-) {{shades}} Emblem-cool.svg
10 crying tears cry :'( :'-( {{)':}} Cry.png
11 lightbulb idea Lightbulb.png
12 wink2 Smile_eye.png
13 wink3 Wink.png
14 big-grin biggrin Face-grin.svg
15 devil-grin devil evil Face-devil-grin.svg
16 kiss Face-kiss.svg
17 smirk Face-smile-big.svg
18 big-cry bigcry sob Face-crying.svg
19 glasses nerd Face-glasses.svg
20 angel 0:) 0:-) Face-angel.svg
21 ttth Face-hand.svg
22 awesome {{awesome}} 718smiley.svg
23 vsmile Emoticon_=v=.svg
N/A 24 dontpanic dp Don't panic.svg (deleted)
25 teeth Teeth.png
26 angry Face-angry red.png
27 raspberry Ras.gif
28 very-confused Confused.png
29 sarcastic Sarcastic.gif
30 kitty {{kitty}} Kitty emoji.png
31 plain {{meh}} Face-plain.svg
32 holidays Face-smile-christmas.svg
33 upsidedown Face-upsidedown.svg
34 troubled smh {{smh}} Face-troubled.svg



ၶေႃႈမုၼ်းၸိူဝ်းၽၢႆႇတႂ်ႈၼႆႉ ပဵၼ် တူဝ်ထတ်းတႃႁၼ်(VisualEditor) ဢၼ်မီးတီႈ ဝီႇၶီႇၽီးတီးယႃးၼၼ်ႉ ယိူင်းဢၢၼ်း တႃႇဢဝ် ၶိူင်ႈၸိူဝ်းၼၼ်ႉ ၸႂ်ႉလႆႈတီႈ ဝီႇၶီႇၽီးတီးယႃးတႆးသေ ၸင်ႇလႆႈဢဝ် ပိူင် ၶေႃႈမုၼ်းထႅမ်းပလဵၵ်ႉ (TemplateData) ဢၼ်မီးတီႈ ဝီႇၶီႇၽီးတီးယႃး ဢိင်းၵလဵတ်ႈၼၼ်ႉ ႁဵတ်းဝႆႉပဵၼ် တီႈမၢႆတီႈတွင်းယဝ်ႉ။ ႁူမ်ႈဝႃႈ ပႆႇၸႂ်ႉၶိူင်ႈၸိူဝ်းၼၼ်ႉသေတႃႉ ပေႃးပဵၼ် ၵူၼ်းႁူႉလွင်ႈတႅမ်ႈပရူဝ်ႇၵရႅမ်ႇ (computer programming) ဢိတ်းဢွတ်းၵေႃႈ ႁႂ်ႈပေႃးႁၼ်လႆႈၸႅင်ႈလႅင်းလီၼႆသေ ၸၢင်ႈဢဝ်ၸႂ်ႉလႆႈ သၽေႃးတီႈၵႅပ်ႈမၼ်းလႆႈယူႇ။


Add an emoticon.

Template parameters[ၸတ်းၵၢၼ် ၶေႃႈမုၼ်းထႅမ်းပလဵၵ်ႉ]


The face you want to put. See [[Template:Smiley/doc]] for acceptable input values.


Size of the smiley.

Titletitle desc

Optional user-defined tooltip description, to replace the default title (Warning: this parameter is over-written if an invalid size parameter is specified).

Smiling Face, Sad Face, etc...